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Could it be?! [13 Sep 2010|03:17am]

[ mood | content ]

An... update?! Why yes, it is. I forgot how long these take. X)

FFXIV Beta Screenshot Post~! Potential spoilers, but just areas.Collapse )

*casts Raise III on Follow the Hat* :D

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Vidjas. [11 Jun 2007|01:12pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Okay, folks. I think I finally found a site that'll work for the videos.

Links and a lot of explaining behind the cut.Collapse )

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Irony in scorpion form.. [08 Jun 2007|11:14am]

[ mood | amused ]

lol... I laughed hard when I saw this.. XD

6-7-07 AH history

lol.. and who says running jokes into the ground can't be fun? ._.;

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Hoookay. [29 May 2007|12:24am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

After a few months and a hell of a lot of trouble, videos are finally done. There's a goofy one and a serious one. I didn't track people down in-game because I started running low on time, but I did find ways to show them in the video, plus of course, tons of injokes that you guys will get. Howeeeever, I've promised Pes and SK I'll show them the videos when I go to visit, so I'll post 'em when I'm back after June 9th. (And once I figure out a good place to upload them that doesn't involve Youtube or destroying Lakupo's webspace.)

Hoping to wrap things up this time. It's hard, as I've been getting really nostalgic and always have trouble letting things go. Even looking through items is somewhat emotional... I save just about everything. Still have some hobgoblin chocolate that Bobe gave me. X) Anyway, not good with goodbyes! And this is a bit more rushed than I'd have liked, with lots of RL stuff going on lately, so I'm sorry I didn't get to finish using up seals and whatnot. However, video tribute coming soon, and an extremely late massive screenshot update... but for now, shinies!

I have some more random little stuff, and I'm not sure who could make use of it. So before I toss it, one more list from me - just say the word if you could use any of it, and I'll do my best to get it to you. It's mostly just minor crafting stuff, but I'd rather not have it go to waste:

4 bream sushi, 4 carbonara, 6 giant bird feathers, 7 giant bird plumes, 9 animal glue, 2 fisherman's tunica + 1 pair of hose (all signed), 8 pumpkin pies, zealot's mitts, darksteel ingot, 8 mythril beastcoins, 11 silver beastcoins, 9 silk thread, 6 wool thread, 9 silver thread, 2 silk cloths... more random clothcraft stuff, 11 mercury, 5 ahriman tears, 3 beastman blood, 3 carbon fiber, 6 glass fiber, 10 fire anima, 20 dark anima, illuminink + parchment, 9 apple pies, 7 rolanberry pies, 8 snoll gelato, 2 partly-used reraise gorgets, a partridge in a pear tree, white steel, fomor codex (I think Silv wanted this), spectral crimson, burning/earthen/golden hakutaku eyes, seal of Genbu and Suzaku... aaaand the 3 nation aketons. Seyrr mentioned not having the Windy one yet, so he gets that for sure. If anyone can make actual use of the Bastok or San D ones, let me know. And please don't say so if you plan to just sell them, or Elysia will hammer your face in from beyond the grave.

Thanks~ Video and pics coming soon!

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Updatey. [21 Feb 2007|10:32pm]

So! Video is coming along very nicely. I've covered juuust about the whole world and got footage everywhere I wanted to. Of course, now I need to track down a bunch of you to get a little bit of buddy-videoage. X)

Anysnorf, I know what I'll be doing with most of my bigger stuff, but I figured I'd ask here who could use my smaller and/or not-sellable things. So if you could use any of the following, or know of someone who can, please let me know and I'll try to get 'em to you/them:

- SK-signed Feral Ledelsens (no way I'll sell these!)
- SK-signed Wise Braconi (same deal!)
- 5 Tarut: The Hermit and 5 Tarut: The Fool cards
- White Steel (for Odorous Knife for Ugga Pendant NM)
- Burning/Earthen/Golden Hakutaku Eyes
- Seal of Genbu + Suzaku
- Illuminink (for Ark Pentasphere)
- Spectral Crimson (for Haunted Muleta for that crazy NIN-cape NM)
- Fomor Codex (for Swift Belt NM)
- Assorted partial-stacks of seeds (who gardens here?!)
- 4 Moblumin Ingots (for Shrimp Lanterns for Reverend Mail NM)
- Jupeeh-signed Aquilo's Staff and Mythic Wand +1. Please don't take these if you intend to sell them - Jupeeh was a very good friend of mine and I'd like to keep his name on these. (The staff especially, since it was a gift to me when he quit.)

There's more random stuff, but I'll figure out where to send it. And I'll try to organize some BC/KSNMs soon because I really don't want to waste seals! I'll also be bugging some of you to pose soon~ X) Okay, that's it. Horf!
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Seals! Not the kind that bite off your hand. [01 Feb 2007|12:25pm]

Hey, guys~

I just noticed that I have an effton of seals to use up, and I certainly don't want them going to waste. Originally I was going to use my Kindred seals for Contaminated Coliseum for a vine/Morgenstern, but I have no need for rare/ex stuff anymore. X) So! I have 89 (I'll solo up another) Kindreds and 99 + 99 + 99 + 63 beastmen seals. I'd be up for using them for whatever ones you guys want to, and I have a still purty decked-out and suicidal WHM and RDM available! XD If you guys want to use up some seals as well, or just come along to use up mine and we'll divide the earnings up evenly, just post or /tell me when you're available in the next week or so! 'course we'll also have to make sure we have kinda-the-right-jobs, so hopefully that works out~

I'll also probably be hassling you guys for some video footage in the coming weeks~ Got a very nifty El Forto tribute coming along nicely. :D Bort!
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The Dark Dragoon [12 Jan 2007|08:40pm]

Behold.. that thing I created...

D0rk Dragoon

( Yay for random topics in chat xD )
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Happy Almost-Birthday! [02 Nov 2006|04:03pm]

Three years of Follow The Hat~Collapse )
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Well, off I go... [05 Sep 2006|02:49am]
Limecat will be back eventually. In the meantime, disregard Mithras catching chocobo sleeping sickness!
Inside my secret hideout!Collapse )
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Okay, after a while, I'm getting into the COP organizing [07 Aug 2006|10:25pm]

Forgive my tardiness. I've had a hectic work schedule to deal with, and I'm getting married soon. But in my little bit of free time, here's what I've gotten to. The respondeesCollapse )
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So do we still toss up screenshots here? [01 Aug 2006|03:04pm]

It's such a hassle, but here goes.

All over the world.Collapse )
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New CoP Static? [01 Jul 2006|01:17pm]

It was suggested a couple weeks ago in-game by Shade that us stragglers might want to make a CoP static to get ourselves through to Sea. Not having done a CoP mission in like.. a year, I'm all for it. I know some people she mentioned that might want to join were.. me, Silv, Lime, Diz, and a few others, but anyone is welcome.

So if you're interested, reply here, and jobs you can bring to the 30, 40, 50, 60, and uncapped missions, and tell us what mission you're on. If you haven't started, that's cool. I'm down for running through the Promyvions again. I just wanna get going again. And as Shade said "Even if you guys do one mission a week, it's still a lot faster than you're going now."
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Y1k! [30 Jun 2006|04:18am]

Yesterday marked a new Millenium for Vanadiel. My LS decided to celebrate it with a cult-style suicide! First we resnted the Kokba Hostel for an hour and partied it up... then at the end of the hour all died. The resulting walk out and drop in a pile was reminiscent of adventures in the racist tavern a couple years back. After that... we decided it would be funny if we formed a circle around the PUP guy who claps as his puppet dances. We then died again and shouted something to the tune of "{death} {Puppetmaster} {fun}!" One of our members (Maikeru) made a brief video of some of the highlights of the festivities!


Even a GM decided to pay our little party a visit as the body count and crowd of bystanders grew in size!

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Bastok Mission (Rank) Static. [14 Jun 2006|05:32pm]

I know this has been metioned in the LS a couple of times before. I was wondering who would be interested in forming a Mission static for Bastok Missions up to Rank 10?

I am pretty much free everynight after 10pm. Some times earlier depending on where I'm posted. I also am free three times in every six days for doing Missions earlier in the day.

If you're interested please comment with the times during the week you are available.
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Galka Update. [25 Apr 2006|04:31pm]

So, I wanted to make a proper farewell to "Zalakria". Obviously the Pes we know will still be around, but I will certainly miss seeing him in FFXI. I went through all (yes, all) of my screenshots and dug out a bunch of good memories with the big guy, and the old static.

Lots and lots of pictures.Collapse )
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By Silvey's Request~ [20 Apr 2006|06:07am]

Some screenies from our ToAU adventures tonight. Marz, Dag, myself and assorted friends headed over to Aht Uhrgan as soon as the expansion went live. The NPC in Jeuno to get the pass must have had like 100 people around it, literally. XD

Anyway, we did some exploring and killed some stuff, then decided we'd try and unlock a new job. Blue Mage seemed simple enough and had some wait time so we decided to try another. Dag managed to stumble upon the Corsair quest, so off we went. Thing is we had no idea where to go as there were really not any guides up. So we flew semi-blind for a bit, then we ran into Ayamiko who seemed to have some sort of idea what to do. XD

We caught another boat heading to one of the islands off the coast of the new continent. From there we headed through an evil evil Mire filled with nasty evil things, and got to Arrapogo Reef (the ship graveyard ). From there we did the needed CSes, followed by a short walk to another area where the job was unlocked.

Piccies~Collapse )

Oh also, the music owns. Most every area has music, and all of it is awesome. My faves include Wajaom Woodlands and Arropogo Reef... but nearly everywhere has great music. ^^
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Most of you guys know, but... [03 Apr 2006|08:35pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

I cancelled my content ID last night, so for now, Zal's in my hands till the 30th.

I'm not deleting him or his equip... since who knows, things could change and I could pull a Foasty? X) But if you all want to work something to keep Zal alive and useful for melee hurtage, equipment rental, 93 cooking..ing? I certainly have no problem with that.

For the uninformed... pretty simple, the game isn't fun for me anymore. I wasn't playing much in the first place, except for helping DH. DH is moving on and getting a swarm of members, and nothing there utilizes the few unique things I brought to a sky shell... sooo even with DH, I'm not much help now =P

It's been a hell of a ride, going from months where most working moments were the anticipation of getting home to play FFXI, weekend anticipation was for camping NMs when I had the whole day... to times like now, where I'd think about a million other things before thinking about FFXI =P

The memories are countless. The number of times I've laughed, got in a weird conversation, the tidbits I've learned about everyone solely from playing this game... again, all countless. It's been a hell of a ride, and lord knows where things will go.

If nothing else, remember that you guys are what made me play, and you guys are what kept me around. I appreciate it, and every bit of help given and time spent. For now, my fun barrel is tapped, so I'm gonna stop paying for it =P

And keep in mind that any of you with a DS and wifi will be obligated to lose against/play with me.

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SK told me to post this! [14 Mar 2006|12:28am]
Cooking in the game has led me to wonder why some fruits are never used in real-life pies. So, I decided to make a strawberry pie...

Read more...Collapse )
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